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The 4 Most Frequent Mistakes Made by New Hearing Aid Owners

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For some of you, accepting the fact that you have hearing loss, having a hearting test and going through the motions of actually getting hearing aids was a long and stressful experience. But you have done the hard work, and now you should be able to use the hearing aids to improve your life. These days, hearing aids are much more than that.

They are great pieces of technology that need to be taken care of. If you take proper care of your new devices and do some other key things, you will ensure that you adjust better. There are plenty of ways to make mistakes with new hearing aids, so here are a few things you need to consider:

Don’t Wear Them Before You Understand Them

Yes, you will be excited to try out your new hearing aids, but the first thing to do is sit down and read about them. Without a full understanding of the features your new hearing aid offers, you will not be able to use them effectively. You may have an idea of what the hearing aids can do, but without taking the time to learn about them, you are not going to be able to use them properly.

So, take your time and learn about the brand and model you own. Otherwise, you may miss out on some fantastic, powerful and extremely useful features. The danger with simply using them straight out of the box is that they are probably not going to work the way they should, and this may cause you to have a bad experience or be disappointed as you are missing out on Bluetooth technology and noise filters.

Also, by reading the accompanying information, you will learn how to get the best sound quality for your individual needs. 

You Need Time to Adjust

With such a sensitive piece of technology attached to your ears, it makes sense that there is an adjustment period. In order to get the best results, you need to be consistent, so you adapt quickly. Achieving that high-quality, crisp sound you are after does not happen straight away. 

You need to leave them in place after inserting them and resist removing them, even if you feel a little uncomfortable. Take some time to make adjustments, such as adjusting the background noise. Put them in when you are in a quiet place, then speak to a family member to ensure that your talking volume is right.

Their response can help you make adjustments in balancing the sound. Check the volume of the sound, as you can turn this up or down. If your hearing aid still gets uncomfortable after short periods, maybe take them back and get them checked as they may not fit properly. Try not to give up on your hearing aids as they will get better over time, don’t forget about them. 

Have Your First Hearing Aid Fitted

As there is so much involved with new hearing aids, it may make sense to have them fitted by your audiologist. You have to be 100% honest, though; otherwise, they will not be able to adjust them correctly. Some hearing aids are designed to amplify high-frequency sounds, but if your type of hearing loss does not require this feature, then these hearing aids are wrong for you. Lifestyle factors need to be considered when choosing the right hearing aids, too. Bluetooth is essential for anyone who uses their phone a lot.

One thing to look for when buying hearing aids is to find a vendor who provides free fittings. If they are too big, they won’t work. It is also a good idea to create a record of when you feel the hearing aids are not working effectively and advise your audiologist when you are still trailing them. They may just need to make an adjustment, or you may require a completely different device.  


You need to avoid poor maintenance as this can ruin the batteries and clog up the tiny holes. Ensure you learn how to take care of your new hearing aids correctly by reading the user manual maintenance guide. You may not be able to use certain hair care products, for example. Cleaning your hearing aids is essential, so find out how to do this in the best possible way. Another good rule is to clean your ears regulatory too.

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