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4 Signs Your Child Needs a Hearing Test

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Anyone at any age can experience hearing loss. Although some people are born with hearing loss, it can occur at any stage in life. It can happen to adults as easily as it can happen to children, and the signs should never be overlooked. If your child ever comes to you with concerns, or you feel that their hearing is impaired, then speaking to an audiologist is crucial. You will be able to diagnose and treat their hearing loss quickly, so that their quality of life is not hindered. If you are unaware of the signs, here are four clear signs that indicate that your child needs a hearing test. 

Frequent Complaining About Loss of Hearing

If your child regularly complains about the inability to hear certain sounds, hears muffled sounds, or has reduced hearing overall, then this is a clear sign to take them for a hearing test. 

Children will always rely on their parents to tell them their concerns. Thus, you should never dismiss them. They will come to you as they feel comfortable and know that you can help them. So, if they ever report a frequent loss of hearing, then getting them a test will ensure they get fast diagnosis and treatment. 

Hearing loss might not run in the family, so you may think to dismiss the signs. However, if your child experiences hearing loss and leaves it undiagnosed, it can severely impact their quality of life. 

There are many causes of hearing loss, from illness to cleaning the ears with cotton swabs. Thus, hearing loss can occur at any time. If the hearing loss occurs only once or twice, it is best to get it checked to make sure and attain good health. 

Teachers Comment That Your Child Is Not Attentive

A loss of hearing can impact the attentiveness of a child. You may think they are ignoring you, or their teachers may report that they are non-attentive in class. Either way, this may be a clear sign that they need a hearing test. 

Lack of hearing means that your child cannot hear properly, not if they are being lazy or ignoring you. If the teachers at their school do report a lack of attention, it will be worth asking your child if they can hear properly. Getting to the base of the problem will allow you to get them the treatment they need. 

Intense Concentration

When people experience hearing loss, children or adults, they may intensely concentrate to hear you properly. If you notice that your child concentrates more than a normal person would, this may be a sign that they are struggling to hear you properly. They may be looking closely at your mouth to decipher what you are saying. 

As they may only be young, they may not be aware what hearing loss is. Thus, they might not report it to you as an issue. However, if you notice their concentration is intense, then it might be a sign that they are experiencing hearing difficulties. 

Louder Speech

Although many children are loud and proud, some may be loud in unusual situations. For instance, you may find that your child talks loud when talking to just you in a quiet room. They might be doing this because they find it difficult to hear themselves. 

They may find it difficult hearing yours or their own voice. If so, they will likely speak louder. 

Similarly, your child might seem irritated when speaking to you or others. This might not be because they are annoyed. Instead, they might be frustrated due to hearing loss. Always ask them if they are experiencing hearing loss to ensure that they have good hearing health.

In some cases, their speech may seem excessively enunciated, which may signal that they are finding it difficult to understand themselves. They may be slow and over pronounce their words, which is a common symptom of hearing loss. 

Whenever you or your child feels that they are experiencing hearing loss, always ensure to seek assistance from an audiologist and get a hearing test. Whether they report loss of hearing or their attitude becomes excessive when you speak to them, such as loud or dismissive conversations, then diagnosis and treatment will be necessary. They may be experiencing a poor quality of life and hearing and not tell you. However, certain signs such as lack of attention or intense concentration may be a signal to you to get them a hearing test.

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