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Hearing Aid Batteries

Today’s hearing aids are fueled by powerful but small batteries. These batteries are either replaced on a regular basis or recharged every couple of days. Whether you have replaceable or rechargeable batteries, Atlantic Audiology always has the batteries you need to keep your hearing aids performing at peak power.

Replaceable hearing aid batteries

The replaceable hearing aid batteries are not like the AA batteries you are probably familiar with. Hearing aid batteries use zinc ion technology to pack a tremendous amount of power in a very small package. When the zinc in the battery comes in contact with the oxygen in the environment, a charge is produced. When replacing your batteries, it is important to remove the tab and let the battery “breathe” for three to five minutes before inserting the battery. This allows oxygen to saturate the battery fully and can increase your battery life by 30% or more.

Shopping for replaceable hearing aid batteries is easy. In addition to being assigned universal numbers, every hearing aid battery is assigned a color. Just remember your color, and you’ll always get the right battery. Atlantic Audiology carries the full range of hearing aid batteries in all sizes and all colors.

  • Orange (#13): These batteries power in the ear and behind the ear hearing aids. They provide about 240 hours of use. 
  • Yellow (#10): These very small batteries are used in the hearing aids worn in the ear canal. They provide about 80 hours of use.
  • Blue (#675): This is the largest battery. It is used in the largest hearing aids. You get about 300 hours of use. 
  • Brown (#312): This is the smallest battery. It is used for hearing aids that are worn completely in canal. They provide about 175 hours of use.

Rechargeable hearing aid batteries

Many people are opting for the freedom from battery changes with hearing aids powered by rechargeable batteries. These hearing aid batteries use silver-zinc or lithium-ion technology, and when they have discharged their power, they are recharged instead of replaced. If you have problems with vision or dexterity that makes handling small objects (such as hearing aid batteries) difficult, this is a very practical option. Instead of replacing batteries, you place the hearing aids in a charging case. The amount of time it takes to recharge the battery and the amount of time the charge lasts varies from model to model. Some newer hearing aids can run for two to three days on a single charge.