Hearing Aids

Once it is determined that a patient would benefit from amplification our audiologists will review all of the options available to you that are appropriate for your hearing loss, hearing needs based on lifestyle, and ensuring it is within your budget.

  • Many health insurance plans now provide partial coverage for hearing aids.
  • Check with your health insurance provider prior to you visit to see if you have a benefit to be used towards purchasing hearing aids.

Hearing Aid Options

BTE (Behind-The-Ear)

RITE (Receiver-In-The-Ear)

ITE (In-The-Ear)

Hearing Aid Fitting

At the hearing aid fitting, also referred to as the delivery appointment, the patient will receive a thorough orientation to ensure success.  Topics for review will include but are not limited to:

  • Instructions for care/maintenance
  • Practice with insertion/removal of the device
  • Battery education (insertion/removal and life expectancy

Hearing Aid Follow-Up/Adjustments

  • Approximately 2 weeks after the delivery of the hearing aids, the patient will return for a follow-up visit to allow time to ask questions he/she may have and to provide the audiologist with a progress update.
  • Based on this conversation, adjustments may be made to the hearing aids and/or communicative strategies for resolution may be provided.
  • Every person responds to amplification differently.  The amount of follow-up needed can vary.  
  • We offer a 30 day trial of amplification.  That means you get to wear the hearing aid(s) for thirty days in your day-to-day environment to assess benefit.  If you decide during that period that another device is desired, an exchange can be made.  If you decide that amplification is not for you, you can return the device(s).  
  • All adjustments are included with the hearing aid purchase for the term of the initial warranty (2 or 3 years)

Hearing Aid Repairs and Warranties

  • Life happens!  Problems will arise.  If your hearing aid stops working completely or something doesn’t seem right, give us a call.  We may be able to help you over-the-phone.  If not, we can schedule an appointment for assessment of the device.  Many problems can be fixed in the office.  If we need to send the device to the manufacturer for repair, it will be covered if you are within the initial warranty period for your hearing aid.  Depending on the device you purchase, the original warranty will be for either 2 or 3 years.
  • Warranties can also be extended after the initial warranty period.
  • Call and we can check the status of your warranty.
  • If you aren’t a patient of our practice and are looking for a repair, we may be able to work with you as well, so don’t hesitate to call and inquire.
  • Hearing aids also come with loss coverage as well.  Your audiologist will review the terms of this with you in detail.

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